Download using a PC, notebook computer, or iOS device : Tubidy

There are so many music videos on many different platforms that make you want to collect them for your playlists. With Tubidy, you can collect them easily and easily. Plus, they’re all free.

The system is easy to use and you can find any song you like and load it on your device. It’s a very fast process, it only takes about a minute. Even if you just want to hear it, you have a large collection for you to enjoy.

How to download

There are some simple steps you need to follow to download songs from Tubidy. The first part is your equipment and storage capacity. The second part is about searching and downloading songs from the site.

1. Your device

When using your Android device, you can easily download songs from your smartphone or even your old phone. However, you can perform the process on a computer. For iOS users, the process is slightly different, you need to connect to iTunes first.

  • Make a list of the songs you want. This way, you don’t even need time to look for it anymore. This is especially true when the same song title actually comes from another singer or band. Get complete information about the song so you don’t want to choose the wrong song.
  • Make sure you have enough capacity to save all the songs that Tubidy downloads. You can store them in internal storage. Or if you plan to make a music library, you should probably have your SD card ready because it can store more files than it does internally.
  • Decide which format you prefer. This website offers you a lot of options. Is there several different file sizes to choose from in MP3 or MP4 format.
  • You need internet access. Choose a product with a stable connection. In this way, the download process will be so fast.
  • Select a browser. Tubidy can be accessed by any popular browser. You can use Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser you prefer.

2. Tubidi website

Now that you’ve done some of the preparation, head over to the Tubidy website to start searching for your songs. Here are the simple steps you can follow:

  • Go to the official Tubidy website.
  • On the home page, you’ll see a search bar.
  • Enter the song title in the search bar and click the search icon.
  • You will be provided with a list of songs with the same title. Select the one you want to find.
  • If you want to download the song, click the download button.
  • Then you can choose from a variety of formats. You can choose MP3 or MP4.
  • After that, select the desired file size. For MP3, there are 64 kbps to 320 kbps file sizes. For MP4, the file size is 144p to 1080p.
  • Click the file size that you want, and then click Download.
  • Wait for the system to convert the file.
  • Once you have done this, download the file to your device.

That’s all. It’s as simple as that, you can play your favorite songs on your device. You can repeat this process for another song in the list.

Don’t worry, websites don’t limit the number of files you can download. Everything is free and guaranteed.

Download using a PC, notebook computer, or iOS device

The main steps to follow when using a computer or laptop are still the same. The difference is in the argument. Using a computer will further increase your storage capacity.

You can save the file to your music folder or simply to any disc of your choice. If you want to transfer files to your mobile device later, you can easily do so using a USB cable. Just connect your PC to your device to get your files.

For any iOS device, slightly different, you will need to install the iTunes program on your computer. It will sync, so make sure your software is up to date and set up correctly.

The download steps are the same as for the Android devices mentioned above. Put all the songs you downloaded into the database. After that, check the “Summary” tab on iTunes. You should watch all the songs.

Use Tubidy’s tips

You can use some tips for using Tubidy. All of them are designed for you to enjoy the music. Here is the list:

1. Website – Skakel

If you have watched a music video by a music platform and want to collect it, don’t worry. Copy the URL link for that music video (usually at the top of the page).

Then go to the Tubidy website and paste the copy link into the search bar on the homepage. Click Search and follow all the simple steps as before. You can download and enjoy the music video later on your device.

2. Song selection

Tubidi has a large number of songs. It is mainly in English, but it is also available in many other languages around the world. Therefore, it is easy to find songs in Korean, Thai, Chinese or any other language you like.

If the title of the song is in their native language, don’t worry. Just enter the artist or band name. You can select the correct song from the list of songs selected by the system. If you’re not sure, it doesn’t hurt to listen to every song on your list.

What the hell? You can even grab another top downloader song. Suitable for your song library or playlist, right?

3. Additional Information

The more you type tight information into the search box, the easier it will be. Since there are many songs of the same name, the system will produce a long list. You probably know some.

Therefore, type additional information into the system, not just the song name. Add the name of the artist or group. This way, systemb e will give you that option more accurately. If you want, you can add the year the song was released.

Free use of Tubidy to download MP3, MP4 with music videos and build your song library will be good. It’s free, simple, and fast. It is easy to make a singing library or playlist without spending a penny. There you go!